Tomatic Java Games
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Games are suitable for all resolutions, e.g. 128x160 and 320x240.
Midlet download links below each screenshot.
Some games are also suitable for touch screen.
Instructions for most games:
Use "*" to start, "#" to quit.
Cursor/joystick = move
2,4,5,6 = shoot in direction

Billiard Berzerk (touch screen):
JAR (299K), JAD.

Pub Man: JAR (55K), JAD.

Space Run: JAR (47K), JAD.

Caverns of Fire: JAR (164K), JAD.

Munchies: JAR (70K), JAD.

Dungeons of Hack: JAR (59K), JAD.

Matrix Miner: JAR (268K), JAD.

Ogrotron (touch screen):
JAR (308K), JAD.