Tiny Sprite Editor
A tiny editor for editing tiny sprites - by Boris van Schooten - 30 May 2016
A lightweight yet full featured sprite editor consisting of a single HTML page. No dependencies. Can be downloaded and run from a file. Distributed under revised BSD license.

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I have been looking for a sprite editor for quickly creating small (as in 8x8 to 16x16) pixelated sprites and tiles in a spritesheet. Further, I wanted one that also works on Android. There are a number of good PC sprite editors, but they are not tailored to this specific style of spriting. I also looked for Android apps or online sprite editors, but found they mostly suck.

So, I've made my own. To keep things simple, the editor assumes equally sized small sprites arranged in a sprite sheet. Editing is based on a single sprite within the sprite sheet. Features:

Known problems: