Nom's Evolvathlon applet Nom's Evolvathlon, an LD24 entry by Boris van Schooten. Time taken: about 20 hours.

Nom the Onmiphage wants to eat everything. To succeed, he needs to evolve the right abilities: walking, jumping, swimming, flying, breathing, and shooting. The more he eats, the more abilities he can evolve, and the more easily he gets around.

This game includes procedurally generated caves, 8 types of organism, and 15 difficulty levels.

To play the Android version, you probably need a big screen (tablet) to be able to point accurately enough.

The Jar runs as 640x480 by default. You can pass x and y size as command line parameters. Pass 0,0 to get full screen. I.e.:

java -jar NomsEvolvathlon.jar 1024 768
Known bugs: the player sometimes floats around uncontrollably in thin air (but eventually lands on his feet again).