Minigames Octacade Postcompo applet Minigames Octacade, Postcompo Version

If the applet on this page doesn't work, download the jar below.

Changes with compo version:

  • Added restart game button
  • Removed black sprite glitches
  • Instructions are no longer overwritten by game over text
  • Roof Escape bullets are just a bit faster
  • Bottom platform in Dragonfight is a bit higher
  • Leaping Larry: implemented standard jump controls instead of copying from original
  • Roof escape: the player now waits until a key is pressed
  • icebreaker: player now stops as soon as you press Z
  • digger: stones now start falling only if you no longer stand under them; you can no longer push stones through enemies, killing you; the lay earth action is removed because the game is easier now.