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[Jam] Block-a-thon!

[Jam] Blockchain simulator

[Jam] Blockheads

[Jam] Blockland

[Compo] Blocks of Nibiru

[Jam] Blocks'N'Blaster

[Jam] Blocks'n'Blaster

[Jam] BlockTide

[Jam] Bloodew Valley

[Jam] Bloodsport

[Jam] Bloodtype Coffee - Timco - Supported by Graphickly

[Jam] Bloody Battle

[Jam] Bloom

[Jam] BlowScape

[Jam] Bloxcars

[Compo] Blue Marble Sniper: Bullet Hell Stealth

[Jam] Blueplastgotchi


[Compo] Bob Ross Adventure

[Jam] Body Counter

[Jam] Bomb In Rhythm

[Compo] Bomber Ball

[Compo] Bomberess

[Jam] BombermanBattleRoyal

[Jam] BomberScore

[Compo] Boom Boom Bang

[Jam] BoomBall

[Compo] Boring RPG

[Compo] Boris's Vbar

[Compo] Bot Match 3

[Jam] BounceBot: DoorQuest!

[Compo] BouncePUNCH

[Jam] Bouncing Cat

[Compo] Bouncy Bullets

[Compo] Bowling For Bombs

[Jam] Bowling Racing

[Jam] Boxes

[Jam] Boxing Surgery Simulator 2000

[Compo] Brainiacs!

[Jam] Brainless Boogie

[Jam] Brains of Racing

[Jam] Breacard

[Jam] Breackat


[Compo] BreakCar

[Jam] Breakout CCG

[Compo] BreakOut Typing

[Jam] BreakSnake

[Compo] Brick Clicker

[Jam] BrickQuest

[Jam] Brickris Tetout

[Compo] Bridge Maker (prototype v1)

[Jam] Bridge Run

[Jam] Bridging the Gap

[Jam] Bright Voice

[Jam] Broken Space Fish Shooter

[Jam] Brutal No-Chill Farming

[Compo] Brutalball

[Compo] Brute Force Art Defence

[Jam] Bruxa: Tactical Espionage Cooking

[Jam] BU113T-H311

[Jam] Bubba Illegal Construction INC

[Jam] Bubbles 'n Blood

[Jam] Bubblin' Cauldron

[Jam] Bug Free?

[Jam] Build The Road Jack

[Jam] Build'em All !

[Compo] Bullet Break

[Jam] Bullet for Your Heart

[Jam] Bullet Heck

[Compo] Bullet Hell Breakout

[Jam] Bullet Hell Typing

[Jam] Bullet Pause

[Jam] Bullet Rogue

[Jam] Bullet Snail

[Compo] Bullethell roguelike

[Jam] Bulletland!

[Compo] Bulletproof Strategy

[Jam] Bullets and Wine

[Compo] Bullets of Insight

[Compo] Bully squares

[Jam] Bully-Logy

[Jam] Bump Quest 6

[Compo] Bumper Buddies

[Jam] BunkerDefense

[Compo] Bunny Derps

[Jam] Burger Barrage

[Jam] Burger Boy

[Compo] Burger Flipper

[Compo] Burger Rage

[Jam] Burgers & Dragons

[Jam] Burning Darkness

[Compo] Busker-Move : Where's Dinner?

[Jam] c Shark



[Compo] Calculator SWEAT! VR

[Jam] Call Of Bob Ross

[Jam] Calliope

[Jam] Can I F◼◼◼g Die?
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