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[Jam] RogueNite

[Jam] RoguePets

[Compo] Roguespector

[Compo] Roll Playing Game

[Jam] Rolling Soccer

[Jam] Rookie Raccoon

[Jam] Room 9 - runner visual novel game

[Compo] Room Runner Extreme Deluxe!

[Jam] Rootin' Tootin' Shootin'

[Jam] RootNote

[Jam] Rose-Coloured Dungeon Life

[Jam] Roulette Knight

[Jam] Roundabout: ~ Roguelike & Rythm ~ Trading Bard Game

[Jam] ROYAL HEIGHTS ! BattleRoyal/PlateFormer !

[Jam] Royale Jeeps

[Jam] RPG Clicker

[Compo] RPG Racer

[Compo] RPG Shop

[Compo] Rpg#Arcade Game

[Compo] RPGs Done Quick

[Compo] RPongG

[Compo] RTHM

[Jam] rtsClicker

[Compo] Rubik's Ants

[Jam] Rude Bear Rogueolution

[Jam] Run 'N Hide

[Jam] Run and Plant!

[Jam] Run around and do something game by Pyja

[Compo] Run Away the Simulation

[Jam] Run Experiment Run!

[Jam] Run Farmer

[Jam] Run Farmer - An Endless Runner Farming Simulator!

[Jam] Run for Love

[Compo] Run from the hangman (Renegade)


[Compo] Run N' Cook

[Jam] Run Slash Kill

[Jam] RuneTowers

[Compo] Runner Reader - The text based endless runner.

[Compo] Runnervania

[Compo] Running Infinitely

[Jam] Ruoste

[Jam] RV Having Fun Yet?! Bill and Jackie's Race Across America

[Compo] Ryth

[Jam] Rythem Hell

[Jam] Rythm In Space

[Compo] Rythm is Lava

[Jam] Rythm of the Night

[Compo] Rythm-based shmup

[Jam] Rythmer

[Compo] Rythmic Shooter LD41

[Compo] Ryu

[Jam] S.H.A.F.T

[Compo] S.M.A.R.T.

[Jam] S.Q.R vs T.R.I - Tactical Grid-based SHMUP

[Jam] Sadie's Stabby Sword Story

[Jam] Salty Scuttle

[Jam] Sam

[Compo] Samantha's Kitchen

[Compo] Sandbox Solitaire

[Jam] Sandwich with Pigeon Meat

[Compo] Save The Jazz

[Jam] Save the moon

[Jam] Save the plant!

[Compo] Save the princess


[Jam] Save Witch (Platformer + Puzzle)

[Compo] Save Your Assteroid

[Jam] Scale Run



[Jam] Scarecrow (Farming + FPS Wave Survival)

[Compo] Scarecrow's Night

[Jam] Scarry

[Jam] Schankboi

[Jam] Scoop

[Compo] Scrabble Invader

[Compo] Scream'n'Run

[Compo] Scrolls

[Jam] SeaDogs

[Jam] Seagulls

[Jam] Seaman Sleuth

[Jam] Searchlights

[Compo] Second Person Shooter

[Compo] Secret Literature Service

[Compo] Secret of the PeaDucks

[Jam] Secrets of the Forest

[Jam] Seizure Shepherd

[Compo] Self Golf

[Jam] Seppuku Pilot

[Compo] sequencer tower defense

[Jam] Servir Frais

[Jam] Set Dragon Free

[Compo] Seven Ate Nine

[Compo] Shadow Cards

[Jam] Shadow Puppets: DM's Revenge

[Jam] Shadowscape

[Jam] Shady Cards

[Compo] Shady Tactics

[Jam] Shake'n'Shoot
Results: 3040. Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31