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[Jam] Might and Matchic

[Jam] Mighty Hand

[Jam] Miku Murder

[Jam] Miles Deep To The Night

[Compo] Mind Yer Heid

[Jam] Mine Your Own Business

[Jam] Minebot

[Jam] Mineman

[Compo] MiniBattle

[Jam] Minigame Monsters

[Jam] MiniGame Racing

[Jam] Minigulf Gods

[Jam] Minion's Mobile Market

[Jam] Minor League Baseball Chef 2018

[Jam] Miss Paws and the Runic Maze

[Jam] Miss Priss

[Jam] Missile Mayor

[Jam] Missing Princess

[Jam] Misty Night


[Jam] Moah the Mower

[Jam] Mob Defense

[Jam] Mobile in the Automobile

[Compo] Modern Art Critic Hero

[Jam] Modern Bowlfare

[Jam] Modern Fairway 4: Spec-Ops in the Rough

[Jam] Mojojo

[Jam] Mom, I was stolen by UFO

[Jam] Monday simulator

[Jam] Monkey

[Compo] monoPlatform

[Jam] Monopoly Duel

[Jam] MonoSpace

[Jam] Monster Beat

[Jam] Monster Chef Australia

[Jam] Monster Dating Coach

[Compo] Monster dress up game

[Compo] Monster Stew

[Jam] Monstrously Hunky

[Compo] Moon Baller

[Jam] Moon Omens

[Jam] Mortal

[Compo] Mortal Keybat

[Jam] Moth and Bat

[Jam] MotherDucker

[Compo] Motor Challenge

[Jam] Motorhell

[Compo] Motorist

[Jam] Mouse Racer (Racing game + Point and Click adventure)

[Compo] Mouse Shooter Maze Invader.. Aka, Throw the cheese.

[Jam] Moussive Evasion

[Compo] Move and Hide

[Jam] MowZTower

[Jam] Mr Mushroom

[Compo] MRTACTBCB (Multiplayer Real Time Action Competitive Turn Based Card Game Arena)

[Jam] Ms Grunhilde's Sandwiches

[Jam] Mud and Pixels

[Jam] Mullet Toss Star


[Jam] Murder Chef

[Jam] Murder in the Refuge of Retired Monsters

[Jam] museum

[Jam] Museum ESC

[Jam] Music Make Me Shoot My Gun

[Jam] Music Shots

[Jam] Musical CCG

[Jam] Musketeer-s

[Jam] Mutant Frog Xtreme Part 4: The Tower Of Doom

[Jam] My Dear Farm

[Jam] My Enemy El Cactus

[Jam] My first day in the agency

[Jam] My First LD Game: RogueTD!

[Compo] My First Ludum Dare!

[Compo] My Kingdom for a Vowel

[Compo] My LD weekend

[Jam] My Little Bug Town

[Jam] My little secret (by Rapter and NomadFox)

[Jam] My Own Church

[Jam] My Pink Yoga Mat

[Compo] My RPG

[Jam] My Theory About The Universe

[Jam] My untitled game

[Jam] My way, my life.

[Compo] Mysterious Floating Gems

[Compo] MyTurn BR

[Jam] Nanashi

[Compo] Nascar: The Phantom Pain

[Compo] Naturalist Royale - Online!


[Jam] NecroGolfer's Tomb

[Jam] Need for a Lack of Speed

[Compo] Need for a paramedic!

[Jam] Need for Coin: Island Hoppers


[Jam] Need for Fish

[Compo] Need for Seeds

[Jam] Need for slow

[Compo] Need-For-Sleep

[Compo] Neko Drift!

[Jam] Nekomimi is Hungry
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