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[Compo] Indirectris

[Jam] Infernoculus

[Jam] Infestation

[Jam] Infiltration Addict

[Jam] Infinite Checkers

[Jam] Infinite Typer

[Jam] Infinitris

[Jam] Inky Dragon Inc

[Jam] INSiTU

[Jam] Insulation

[Jam] Intel Driver

[Compo] Interaural Differences

[Jam] Interdenominational BROwS

[Compo] Intergalatic Goblin Ramming Speed!

[Jam] International Survival Soccer

[Jam] InTeRpLaNeTaRy jOuStInG!

[Jam] Interstellar Sav Nav

[Jam] Into the hell

[Jam] Invaders From The Abyssal Void

[Jam] InvadTris

[Compo] Investment platforms

[Compo] Invisible World

[Compo] Invitris

[Jam] Iocus Navis

[Jam] IRIS

[Jam] It's a Big World for Little Square

[Compo] It's a Date Then: Multiplayer Crab and Moai Head dating simulator

[Jam] It's All About Lasagna

[Compo] It's Always Your Turn

[Jam] It's Not Lupus!

[Jam] Jackhammer

[Jam] Jammer Tank

[Compo] Jason's casual friday

[Compo] Jean-Micheng VS Goblins

[Jam] Jeff From Accounting

[Compo] Jet Boy

[Jam] Jing & Jang delivery Co.

[Jam] Joe Chef

[Jam] Jossepe

[Jam] Jotunn Trivia

[Jam] Journey to The Core

[Jam] Joyful Cute Pals

[Jam] Judgement Day: The Board Game

[Jam] Jump & Cards

[Jam] JUMP & RUN

[Compo] Jump and Draw

[Compo] Jump Beat

[Jam] Jump Card

[Jam] Jump Forest Jump

[Jam] Jump N' Shoot Man Ludum Dare 41

[Jam] Jump, Push, Match

[Jam] Jumpcard

[Jam] Jumper Cables

[Jam] Jumpin' Jab

[Compo] Jungle Rumble

[Compo] Just Bill

[Jam] Just bullet: A turn-based hell

[Jam] Just Farting Around

[Jam] Just In Time

[Jam] Just Jump!

[Compo] Just Like The Day We Met

[Jam] Just One More Flap

[Jam] Just Relax

[Jam] KalashKnight

[Jam] Kanye West's Kanye Quest: Penis Game 4 my Mom

[Compo] Karaoke Ninja

[Compo] Karma Plane Simulator

[Jam] Kart Royale

[Compo] Kartonnki

[Compo] KartVania

[Compo] KatamariVania

[Compo] Kawaii?

[Jam] Keep Blobby Alive

[Compo] Keep Casting

[Compo] Kelly's Marvelous Adventure

[Jam] Key Shot

[Jam] Keyboard Army

[Jam] Keyboard Explorer

[Jam] Keyboard Kingdom


[Jam] Kicktus

[Jam] Kidcat: A point and shoot microgame

[Jam] Kiddo On The Board

[Jam] Kill the Boss


[Jam] Kinbaku

[Jam] KinectoCard

[Jam] Kinesis Test

[Jam] King Circle

[Jam] King Me! - RTS Checkers

[Compo] King of Carcasone

[Compo] King's Cup

[Jam] Kingdom Crush

[Jam] Kingdom Manager

[Jam] Kingdoms of Marazia - MMORTS

[Jam] Kinzokuma Venture

[Jam] Kiss all the ladies

[Compo] Kitchen Chaos

[Jam] Kleptomaniac

[Jam] Klutz Farmz
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