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[Jam] Hats on Clouds

[Compo] Haunted

[Compo] Haunted Mansion

[Compo] Hawt Ballz

[Compo] Hazel's Jump

[Compo] Headball

[Compo] Heart of the Cards

[Compo] Heart-Type

[Compo] Heartache

[Compo] Heartless Ninjas

[Jam] Hearts n' Karts

[Jam] Heaven and Earth

[Compo] Heck Deck

[Compo] Hedge-Hop

[Jam] HEIST 41

[Compo] Helion

[Jam] Hell's Kitchen

[Jam] Hella Cropper

[Jam] Hellevator Music

[Jam] Hellfest Simulator

[Jam] Hellraiser inc

[Jam] HellScape

[Jam] Help Wanted

[Jam] Helsing

[Compo] Heroes of Alleyoop: Legends of the Game

[Jam] Hexguess

[Jam] Hidden Affection

[Compo] Hidden Profits

[Jam] High Dreams

[Jam] High Explosive Stealth

[Jam] High Flying Beats

[Jam] High School Diplomacy

[Compo] Highway To Hell: First Person Rally

[Jam] Highway Trouble

[Jam] Him & I

[Jam] Hit 'em harder

[Jam] Hit the Green!

[Jam] Hitler Groove

[Jam] Hive Tower

[Compo] HIWP (High Intensity Weekly Planner)

[Jam] Holding Aces: The Card Game Shoot-em-Up!

[Jam] Home Safe (Social Interaction & Roguelike)

[Jam] HomicIDLE

[Jam] Honest Dan's Trout

[Compo] Honest Hunting

[Compo] Hook That Fish!

[Jam] Hoop Tactics


[Jam] Hopscotch

[Compo] Horror House With Mickey and TED!

[Jam] Horror Minigolf

[Jam] HorrorGotchi

[Jam] Horrors of Stångby

[Jam] HORSAMS: Heroes Of Royal Stones and Magic Scrolls

[Jam] Hot Meals

[Jam] Hotdog Harry's Food Truck Racing

[Jam] Hoverfield Park - Beat Haven

[Jam] How to Train your Cat

[Jam] Huber Driver

[Compo] Hug Me While The World Collapses

[Jam] Humaning

[Compo] Hungry Hungry Shippos

[Jam] Hungry Invaders

[Jam] Hungry Rabbits

[Compo] Hypätä Kortti

[Compo] Hyper Beat Engine

[Jam] Hyper Drift Mayor

[Jam] Hyper Simox 3000

[Jam] Hyperspace

[Jam] HyperTexasPachinkoPongSurvarium with Cows™

[Compo] I am Tree

[Compo] I bet that your CATS look good in the dance floor

[Jam] I Want To Ask The Student Council President Out To Prom, AAWAS!

[Jam] i'm in

[Jam] I'm Just Cuming

[Jam] I'm Not a hero

[Jam] I, Love, Robot

[Compo] IDLE CLIMBER - Love Platformers but need your Idle Clicker Mania? Look no more.

[Compo] Idle Escape Room

[Jam] Idle Hatcher

[Compo] Idle Jump

[Compo] Idle Machine Gun

[Compo] Idle Matching

[Jam] Idle Racing

[Jam] Idle Research Clicker

[Compo] Idle Shooter

[Jam] Idleshot

[Jam] Idling Racer

[Compo] If Potato Meets Flag Then

[Compo] Impossible Car Game

[Compo] In A Past Life, This Was A Cave

[Jam] In My Car

[Jam] In the Details

[Jam] IN-HUMAN Creations

[Jam] Incompatible Rally

[Jam] Incompatible Worlds

[Jam] IncreDungeoneer

[Compo] Incremental Maze

[Compo] Incursion
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